1. Apply for Electromagnetic Shielding@iPatent Pending)
[1] Application of Copper-Iron Alloy as the electro magnetic shielding plates
Copper-Iron Alloy can be used as electronic circuit or can be used to shield electromagnetic, or it can also be used even together with them as radiator or as their structure.
[2] Application of Copper-Iron Alloy as the electromagnetic shielding sheet
Attach Copper-Iron Alloy on to the exterior wall of cases with double-face adhesive tape. (such as serial number)
Copper-Iron Alloy can be molded using metal molding or can be shielded using shield cap, etc.
[3] Thin Wire Electromagnetic Shielding Parts
Filamentation process of Copper-Iron Alloy is possible from ø50µm. Appropriate eletromagnetic shield is possible by wrapping or attaching it to atypical parts. Moreover, it can be woven with other type of fibers so that materials of atypical form can be easily covered.
[4] Shield Room Material
Copper-Iron Alloy will increase the shielding effects of construction materials by having it mixed in construction materials.
Copper-Iron Alloy can be built-in in the glass.
Copper-Iron Alloy can be used as Electro Magnetic Shielding curtain mamterial, wall material or interior material.

2. Copper-Iron Alloy can be used as Electromagnetic Shield Materials with high thermal conduction.
Copper-Iron Alloy will demonstrate excellent effect as electromagnetic shielding material which also works as radiator of thermal electronic parts.

3. Copper-Iron Alloy can be applied as structural material.
Copper-Iron Alloy is better is harder than copper sheet with better thermal conductionEelectric conduction, thus can be applied as a structural material.
Moreover, the material of the machine to which Copper-Iron Alloy is to be welded is either copper or iron, the welding will become easy with Copper-Iron Alloy Weld Rod.

4. Characteristic as Conductive Magnetism Material (Patent Pending)
[1] Information Tag: Copper-Iron Alloy can be used as Read-Write Pin Wire (Information Media).
[2] ID Card: Copper-Iron Alloy can be used as Read-Write Card.
Copper-Iron Alloy can be used as oil-proof or water-proof material or can be used under dirty environment.

5. Application of Copper-Iron Alloy as a material to be cut and processed
(As a construction parts, it can be used for wall material, cement or paint)

6. Shield Cable (Effective due to its characteristic in spring and electromagnetic shielding)
[1] Electromagnetic Shielding Net
[2] Copper-Iron Alloy can be used as Shield Room material by mixing with concrete, paint and wall material.


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